·         What is the minimum and maximum number of participants needed for a blanket exercise?

The minimum number of participants is 20 people, the maximum is really up to the client - but we need to know in advance so we can calculate the price and have the appropriate gear/ enough team members available to assist.

·         How long does the blanket exercise take?

A blanket exercise takes approximately an hour and a-half to facilitate. Generally, we like to follow the exercise with a sharing circle - so that participants have the opportunity to express with the group how the exercise impacted them. This can take anywhere from another half-hour, hour, hour and a half, depending on a number of factors such as how many participants there are, how much/little they want to share with the group, etc. Usually if there are more than 40 participants we won't do a sharing circle at the end because it will take up too much time. 

·         How much space is required for a blanket exercise?

For blanket exercises it again depends on how many participants. If we are inside, the space needs to be large enough to be able to fit a circle of chairs for all the participants to sit, with blankets spread out in the middle of the circle's floor. Plus our area where the narrator will stand to read the script, projector screen (if we are inside), and speakers.

·         What, if any, resources are required?

Because of the strong emotions that can arise within participants during a blanket exercise, we ask that the client provide a counselor or support person(s) to be present for the duration of the event. As for set-up all we need is two cordless mics with speakers, and projector and screen. We supply the rest of the materials. We also recommend having an elder present for the event, but we understand that that is not always possible.

With our lateral violence workshops, we have a lot of our own materials we can work with, so we are very flexible to the client's event. Usually the client will provide us with a projector screen, speakers, etc., on site that we can use for our visual material/presentations.

·         What would the costs be?

For a blanket exercise, we start at $650 CAD for groups of 20 participants, the price goes up depending on the amount of participants. 

For a youth lateral violence workshop, we start at $350 for a 1.5 hour workshop.