We offer youth-for-youth lateral violence workshops, specifically tailored for Indigenous youth. We can do workshops that range from two hours, half-days, or full-days depending on your needs.

The cost to have us do a youth Lateral Violence workshop starts at $350 CAN for a 1.5 hour workshop, and depends on how many participants we are facilitating to. 

These workshops are for youth audiences between the ages of 12-24. If you are looking to have a lateral violence workshop for adults, please contact our mentors Marilyn and Thomas.


Don't have time to sit down and really get into the core of why lateral violence exists in the form of a full workshop? We also offer short 30-minute presentations on the work we’ve done and our journey as youth facilitators. These presentations have been very popular for General Assemblies and set a positive tone for the day.

Generally, our presentations consist of a slideshow where we talk about the V2K project, our current path, and our hope for the future.


Please send us an email for more information.