About Self-Care

Self-care is important so that we can recharge, prevent burnout, and feel healthy. When we look to the medicine wheel, it is the things you do to help yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

We have listed a few common examples below on what might work for you. If you have any suggestions we should add to our list, please let us know.


Examples of Self-Care:

- Go for a walk

- Do a smudge 

- Read a good book

- Go get a pedicure

- Get out on the land

- Meditate

- Practice traditional arts like beading, carving, painting, dancing and singing

- Find a form of exercise you like (ex// running, basketball, canoeing)

- Have a soothing bathe

- Talk to a trusted friend or family member

- Ask for help

- Seek counselling


Need help finding a Counsellor?

Many Rivers Counselling 


Kwanlin Dün Health Centre free confidential counselling (867) 668-7289

Health Canada 24-hour crisis line 1-866-925-4419


Other resources we like:

Coping with Emotional Reactions - Health Canada

The Importance of Self-Care - Ted Talks 

94 Calls to Action - Truth and Reconciliation Committee

Self-Care is how you take your power back.
— Lalah Delia

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